Surround yourself by Gorgeous Beautiful Walls!!
Surround yourself by Gorgeous Beautiful Walls!!
Flawless Interior Design
Flawless Interior Design

Flawless Interior Design

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Prior Clients Reviews


Highly recommended!!. Javier and his crews have been working for us for 9 years, I wouldn't think of hiring someoene else. He is sincere, thrustworthy with an innate talent, they transformed our houses into a very beautiful home we love. He has become a friend of our family and I know I can count on them whenever I need something done. There are very few companies I would recommend, but Venetian Plasters, Inc is a company I most certainly recommend!

By Mrs. Eileen Marchica


Extremenly Satisfied. I met Javier while they were working across the street ( Mrs. Eiseman's second home ) He showed me the work they were doing which was absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with the walls!! and materials they were using, Venetian Plasters, just like I've seen in Italy, very unique,  like out of a magazine, the walls were gorgeous !!. They also did our house which was built approx. 5 years ago. The Designer I used was an older woman and it showed. These guys did the entire inside and outside of my house. Always came to work, my neighbor Ana also loves her house. This is a great team!!

By Mrs. Helen Morton


Great work. When we moved to Boca Raton, we hired an Interior Designer from New York to do our house, it is very difficult for me to make up my mind about decorating and we wanted a house that was warm and inviting. While working with this other Designer, my friend Arlene was getting her house done by Javier ( Venetian Plasters, Inc), they did the inside and outside of their house, which came out outstanding, we just figured Javier was too busy to do our house. Anyway, nothing this other Designer showed me, I was thrilled about, so we went back and forth for 3 months, items she ordered, we returned and she just didnt get what we wanted. Arlene brought in Javier to see what he could do. This Master Decorative Painter knew exactly what we wanted, so we fired the one from New York and hired him. I see pictures of my house in their website and I feel very proud. Could not have asked for more...

By Mrs. Simone Pastel



We had a great experience with Venetian Plasters, Inc. We hired Javier to do our entire house, from the initial moment, until the job was completed, we had no issues. They came to work every day, the crews were very respectful and their work outstanding. I would definitely recommend this company to someone looking for a beautiful, hassle free job.

By Mrs. Newhouse


This Company does gorgeous work. My experience with Javier  was very pleasant. I met with him and discussed what I wanted done, he is very easy going and approachable, so much so, that I was a bit concerned, but I had already seen their work at my friend's house. Well, when he showed me the Venetian Plasters, the metallics, Stuccoes, well, I couldn't sleep that night, I was so amazed, I truly love their work. All the crews very professional and amicable. Highly recommended.

By Mrs. Sutton


After spending a fortune with another Decorative Painter and the frustration that I experienced, it was very refreshing meeting Javier!!

My Interior Designer's people had no clue as to what they were doing, to the point that I was ready to just paint the walls. I was so angry, I fired the Decorative Painter and my Interior Designer. It took 30 mins for Javier to figure out what I was looking for, which was a simple, flat, venetian plaster, just like the walls in Italy. We redid my entire house and now I absolutely love it. My husband and I are thrilled with his work, the crew was always pleasant, friendly and willing to assist any way possible. I can't say enough good things about them. If you are looking for a First Class job, this is the company to call!!  Highly recommended!!

By Arlene Lieberman


We met Javier while he was working at our neighboor's house down the street from our new house ( Mrs. Lieberman's ) . We were very intrigued by the work being done. He was approachable, friendly and very talented. They did our entire house, which was pretty large. We wanted something unique and different and after interviewing several contractors, we decided to hire Javier to do our house. It came out just as expected. They did the entire interior and exterior of the house. For reasons, out of our control, we sold the first house and bought another house which they also did for us. Needless to say, this is the company to call, if you truly want a unique and beautiful First Class job!!

Mrs. Ana Eiseman


Javier was working across the street from our house( Mrs. Lieberman ), we saw them at her house every single day for a few months working in Arlene's house. We saw the work as it progressed and really loved the gorgeous walls. Javier's talent is refreshing, we had other people work in our Italian Villa and their work was not even close to the caliber of Venetian Plasters. They did several rooms for us as well. I would definately recommend them. Very friendly, talented people.

Mrs. Rose Singer



We hired Javier to do our exterior and some rooms inside. Our house was in desperate need of a Professional Paint job. From the initial meeting, my husband and I, really liked Javier. He explained in detail, what he would do to our house. I was always happy to come home and see what they had done. The crew was very talented, friendly and detail oriented. 

Our house looks amazing and some of our friends are using them to do their houses. We highly recommend this company!!

Mrs. Sue Posey



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